[SOLVED] Will upgrading from a Ryzen R5-1600 to a R7-2700X invalidate my Win10 License?

I am currently running Windows 10 and am considering a R7-2700X since the prices have dropped so much on the 2700X as of late. I just needed to know If I only update the CPU from a R5-1600 will it invalidate my Win10 OEM License.

I would not be changing the motherboard or any other component.

PCPartPicker Parts list for this computer below...
Two things.

1. Changing a CPU shouldn't invalidate a Windows licence. For an OEM licence it's the motherboard usually (and even then there is a way around it via the digital licensing procedure).

2. Being an OEM licence does it mean this is an OEM system? I.e. a prebuilt. If it is then this may limit the CPU upgrade because of the BIOS.
No I built the computer from parts I purchased in 2017 while reusing some older parts like my NVidia GTX 950.

Last time anyone in my immediate family bought a prebuilt desktop computer was in 2001? And that was some sort of Gateway gaming machine...
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