[SOLVED] Will using a dual band USB adapter affect the network speed of my siblings devices?

Dec 6, 2019
I’ve got NBN 100mbps plan and an AC1900 TP Link wireless router. A guy suggested I buy an AC1900 tp link dual band USB adapter, however I’ve got 6 other family members who watch a lot of Netflix and YouTube and one sibling with a gaming pc with an Ethernet connection to the router. Will buying an AC1900 slow down the speed of my siblings devices or not?
Another adapter I was looking at was an AC1300 USB adapter.
Just because it is dual band does not mean much. There is only so much radio bandwidth and you only have 100mbps internet total. The wifi bandwidth is generally more than your internet connection.

It more depends on how much data you are using more than the hardware device. In some ways it can help since there are 2 radio bands to choose from (it can not run on both at the same time) you could pick to use the one with fewer other devices. So you would put some devices on 2.4g and some on 5g.

In general with a 100mbps connection you should not have any issues unless someone is abusing it by running something like bit torrents. I guess if all 6 people where watching 4k netflix video you might have issues since it uses 25mbps.


Well, to be honest, it shouldn't so long as one device doesn't hog all the bandwidth. You could still set QoS rules within the routers GUI and make sure who gets more priority in your household. You could also have the gaming machines on Ethernet and save yourself the cost of the dongles, leaving wireless devices like the phone and other devices that are too far out to reach via Ethernet(100m) to Wi-Fi.