Question will vega 56 be good enough

Mar 26, 2019
So i'm looking to upgrade my gpu and i recently bought a open box red dragon 580 for $140. it's a nice upgrade from my 960, but i'm looking at getting a new monitor and not sure if the 580 is really what i want. I'm looking at a 27-32" QHD 144 hz curved screen with freesync. A 1080p 144 hz also wouldn't be that bad for gaming but i think i want something with a little more pixels. That i will be looking to get in a few months. When i also upgrade my PSU.
Will the 580 be able to get close to using that kind of monitor to it's fullest?
Will a powercolor Vega 56 be able to use this kind of monitor to it's fullest? Will it need to be OC'd?

The 580 i got open box i can still return for another 15 days for full refund and the vega 56 is on sale for $320. Just wondering if i should upgrade now while i can still get a refund on the 580 or if the 580 will work then maybe upgrade in a year or 2 when new GPU's are out?

current pc
ryzen 7 1700x OC to 4.0
trident 3200 16 GB
500gb ssd
cx600 ( i know this is a little under powered for the VEGA 56 but i plan on undervolting until i get a better PSU and i think i should or should i just upgrade that now to(recommendations and deals are always welcomed)