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Will Windows 7 on kaby lake g4560 and gtx 1050ti be smooth experience


May 13, 2017
I have recently upgraded my pc with a g4560 and 1050 ti .Will my gaming experience be smooth if I use windows 7 even though it's not supported? I went a little over budget so i will most likely not be able to get windows10 in a while. I am particularly worried about the windows 7 driver support of my 1050 to (this is my first GPU so I have no idea in the matter ).


The gtx 1050 ti has official drivers for win 7 so i wouldn't worry about it.
What i would be worried about is the cpu though. Kaby lake has no official support for win 7 and i've heard there can be casual crashes with it.
if you manage to find a way to install windows 7 on a PC with a kaby lake CPU you will still be faced with no driver support for the motherboard's chipset and CPU which can hinder performance and also be unstable also you will not receive any security updates from MS but you will still be able to get updated for the l;ast patches they made available this year for it

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