Will XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 CPU Cooler fit inside Dell's XPS 420?


Nov 9, 2008
The Dell
XPS420 has a shroud that hinges over the cpu to direct the air flow from the front mounted fan.
The cpu cooler is also connected to the shroud and is removed when the shroud is removed. I know of no other cooler that can be mounted in this fashion. This setup is very efficient and the best way to get a higher degree of cooling would be to get a fan controller (either hardware or software) and set the fan rpm manually as opposed to the temp. control that is implemented as a standard by Dell. You can always try to rig a cooler without the shroud but you will be constrained by the fact that you have no mounting holes on the motherboard, and the cpu is positioned so that you will not have the necessary clearance from the front mounted peripherals.