Question Win 10 - File Explorer Really Slow to Respond or execute actions


Aug 25, 2009
Hoping someone might have some suggestions on troubleshooting this issue that cropped up within the past month or so:

I running Windows 10 and lately, File Explorer is extremely slow to respond. Opening, renaming, moving, deleting - every action seems to hang for a short period to several minutes to I give up and restart the system. I've tried some suggestions I found on Google searches (ie, change some folder view options). I have 7 internal drives and 7 external drives. The slow down occurs on both internal and external drives. My computer is getting pretty old (built around 2013). I reinstalled Win 10 to a Samsung 1TB SSD in January 2020. System specs:

CPU: Intel Core i7-3930K
GPU: Nvidia GeForce 770
Windows 10 OS build: 19042.928

Due to the age of the system, I figure troubleshooting paths could be: a hardware component issue, one of the 14 drives, or a Windows 10 issue. Since there are quite a few avenues I could go down to troubleshoot this it'd be great to narrow things down a bit. I checked CrystalDiskInfo and all drives have a status of good. Two external drives have a temperature of 52C and 60C (red icon). The 7 external drives (used for backup) are connected to an Anker 7-port powered USB hub and then connected to a USB extension cable. I was a bit leery of that setup but didn't have desk space so I put the drives across the room. This setup wasn't an issue when I first set it up.

I may start by disconnecting all of the drives except the OS to see which one the starts the slow down. If those are fine I may just do a clean install of Windows. Hopefully, there's a simpler solution but any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!