Question Win 10 muting sounds when joining chat calls (even with the setting turned off)


Apr 30, 2015
Hey all.

I have an issue with my sounds on win10, and after having tried all to my own and friends knowledge, I really hope I can find help here. I searched the whole internet, and nothing seems to make a difference.

We all know that feature windows has, that when picking up a call on skype or joining a channel on discord/teamspeak, it can mute all other sounds for you. Well, I have that. The problem tho is that its turned off (do nothing) in both windows and all the programs I use for communications.

I have a sweet steelseries arctic pro wireless headphones, which has "multi-channel" or whatever its called. I can have communication sounds separated from all other sounds, so I can balance them on the headphones (chatmix)

But when ever an action happens in regards to communications, all other active sounds are muted. That means picking up a call on skype, joining/moving channel on discord, or even when someone joins me in a chat on discord.

The weird part is that its only the active sounds. If I open/restart a program after its happened, that program will not be affected. Also. If I go into the playback sounds and deactivate the "device" that has the sounds that was muted and reactivate it again, it will all come back.

I have seen "fixes" on the internet, but those were the likes of "just deactivate the communication device" but that makes chatmix useless, and I use it alot.

I really hope some of you have an idea of what is going on here, and have an idea on how to fix it.