Question Win 10 OS with BitLocker Recovery not Working


Dec 3, 2013
Win 10 is protected by BitLocker. It fails recovery every way I have tried with different error messages. When I put the OS into another computer I can manage BitLocker and see the OS. Here is my problem. The data drive is also BitLocker protected and I can't find the PW or the decryption key as the 5 places I thought I had it stored I can't find the key. The D: drive is set to auto-open. If I can't get the OS to recover I may not be able to get to my data disk UGH.
Thoughts on recovery:
  1. Can I recover the OS on another computer and not lose the auto-unlock key for the D: drive data disk?
  2. If I decrypt the OS in order to maybe get around the multiple errors will that destroy the auto-unlock key?
  3. If I am able to restore the OS by replacing it but keeping the data and files will I still be able to use the auto-unlock key to get to my D; drive?