[SOLVED] Win 10 Pro no longer recognizes internal HDDs


Jan 24, 2018

Bit more background. I tried installing a LSI 9220-8i raid card in my machine to add some more disks. It worked flawlessly for 1 boot and then all the drives dropped. On the next boot, the internal HDDs dropped also. Strangely, the SSDs are unaffected. The Raid card was not connected to the affect disks. The raid card was connected to two other disks and those are fine.

So I removed the raid card and checked the internal HDDs using an external enclosure and the disk and data are all there. When I try to move them to the system the now internal drives, which were working fine before are now not recognized. There are times on reboot that windows hang on the black loading screen with the spinning circle. No text shows up. So I have no idea how to get this to work as the drives were happily working internally for around 2 years.

I've tried so far.
  1. moving the SATA cables and SATA power cables around
  2. swapping out different SATA cables and power cables
  3. checked the HDDs using an external enclosure
  4. Checked the SATA ports on the motherboard using a completely different HD and windows was able to read the drive.
  5. I have also updated my BIOS from an old 2017 version to a newer 2019 version.
  6. So I have two drives that work externally but refuse to continue to work internally.
Any ideas about how else to diagnose this? Some posts online suggested it could be a memory issue but I don't see how as the machine had been working flawlessly and I mean flawlessly for two years prior to trying out this Raid card.


edit: Just did a windows memory check and checked the OS for file corruption and it's all working fine, HDDs are still unrecognised