Question Win 10 rebooting without error, doesn't fully restart sometimes

Sep 13, 2018
I posted about this a while back on here and on reddit twice now, I still have not found a solution to this. My new Win 10 computer will suddenly restart with no errors and then, upon restarting, will just kick the LEDs on a couple times and maybe go to the log in screen. When it gets there, it will stay on for maybe 2-3 minutes after I log in and restart the process (sometimes not even making it to the log in screen). However, it gets a bit trickier. Sometimes it will do this after being shut down successfully, but will just kick the LEDs on 2-3 times maybe more and then shut back down, it will repeat this until I shut it off from the power supply in the back.

I originally thought this was a displayport feedback issue but I changed the cable for an accel dp 1.4 cable and that didn't solve anything. I thought this was the problem due to the fact I accidentally bumped my kitten into the cable and that is when it started doing it then. After switching the cable out, it stopped for a day because I had been turning it off from the power supply in the back after shutting it down for the night to prevent it doing this while sleeping. It was fine until the 2nd day after changing the cable, that night I was playing Fortnite and in discord on call with some friends. It then did the flashing LED thing again, so the DP cable didn't help.

At this point, I have no idea what to do, I've searched a bit but I feel like I may be missing something due to the way it restarts and does it when it's supposed to be off.

Case: Gamdias Talos P1 Mid Black (mentioned because of their I/O plate in the front, suspecting it as a cause)
CPU: Intel i7-9700k (no overclocking!)
Motherboard: ASUS Strix Z390-E Gaming
GPU: GTX 1080TI on 416.?? drivers
RAM: 2 x 8GB DDR4-3200 G.SKILL TridentZ RGB (not running at max as I'm not sure how to get that fixed without OCing)
First HD: Samsung 512GB 970 PRO PCIe 3.0 NVMe M.2 (only the OS on it, some game launchers, and a few programs)
Second HD: WD Black 6TB Hard Drive - WD6003FZBX (games and general storage, purchased via Amazon!)
Water Cooling: CLX Quench 240 Closed Liquid Cooler (their own brand, was the only selection outside of some air cooling)
Monitors: 2 of AOC G2590FX 25" Framless Gaming Monitor (one DisplayPort, one HDMI, also purchased via Amazon!)
Power Supply: 750 Watt Gamdias ASTRAPE M1 (RGB Lights)
Mouse: Razer Naga Trinity (12 button plate currently)
Keyboard: BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2