Question Win 10 suddenly booting slowly

Lv 88 Mog

Jan 25, 2016
So I've recently had all kinds of trouble with my PC, and I finally found that most of those problems were caused by a dying PSU. My PC kept freezing, or the GPU kept failing and there were countless times that I had to just pull the plug on my PC, literally. I think so many forced shutdowns affected my system some, because running DISM or sfc/scannow both bring up errors that cannot be repaired - causing the tools to quit before finishing. BUT, my PC still basically runs fine and reinstalling Windows is too much trouble for me right now, so I'm just using as is.

However, I've noticed that SUDDENLY out of the blue, my PC is booting much slower than before. It used to take mere seconds. But seemingly out of nowhere, it now takes up to 5 minutes to get to the sign-in screen (it hangs a long time on the initial screen with the swirling dot circle).

I also noticed that my wireless network adapter seems to have trouble. When trying to figure out my PC problems (which turned out to be the PSU, as aforementioned), I tried troubleshooting my PC in Windows settings and the hardware troubleshoot brought up an error with the wireless network adapter. I have my PC connected by ethernet cable, so I don't use wifi on it, so I never noticed any problem. The troubleshooter said that my PC needed to be restarted to finish updated the driver. However, trying multiple times, I cannot get it to update. Also, in device manager, the wireless network adapter shows an exclamation mark next to it denoted the error. I am guessing that the adapter has gone bad?? But since I use a wired connection, it doesn't bother my experience.

HOWEVER, is it at all possible that a faulty piece of hardware like that could be the cause of the slow boot? Or is the errors in the system (the cause for DISM and sfc/scannow to be unsuccessful) more likely the cause?

ANy advice is greatly appreciated.

OS: Windows 10 (up to date)
Intel Core i7
16gb ram
Nvidia GTX970
2TB hdd+SSD hybrid drive
850 Corsair PSU