Question Win 10/Win7 Dual boot , dual sound card/driver conundrum.

Sep 16, 2020
I have a Dual boot system I've used for years. Win7 - used exclusively for digital audio recording through a PCI card (infrasonic Quartet) and Win 10 for everything else. This worked well with Win 10 using the sound integrated in the motherboard. This last weekend my son installed some recording software on Win 10 and the system "saw" the PCI card after years of ignoring it and continues to see it - even after uninstalling the audio recording software. I have tried deleting the drivers and uninstalled the device from the control panel for the old PCI board in the hopes a reboot would fix this only to find the drivers are back after reboot. Is it possible to make the Win 10 blind to the card again? The on-board audio suits my daily needs with its simplicity. To use the recording sound card instead will be a major headache. Please advise. Thanks.


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You suggested that he remove the card because he did not need it, that is not what he is saying. He uses it with win 7 for specific purposes and wants win 10 to go back to ignoring it.

At the op. You could try using system restore and see if there is a date prior to the date your son made the changes.
If there is you can roll registry back to a time it didn't know card was there.

type "restore" then open "create a restore point"
create a new Restore Point now for C-drive
then open the newest restore point that is prior to the problem happening (if you have one)
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