Win 2000 good for graphic design & 3d rendering?



I'm thinking about upgradeing to a dual processor system running win 2000 & using a GeForce 2. I'll be using Photoshop 6, Corel 9 or 10,Bryce, Cool 3D,Max 3.1 (or 4),Premiere 5.1c & Aftereffects 4.1.1. First - are there any problems running these progs? Is Open GL & Firewire supported? Would it be better to have a dual boot with Win 98 & win 2000? (or win NT)
Any comments/answers will be appreciated


Jan 16, 2001
I would check with the manuf. of these to make sure they are supported in Win2000. I originally installed Win2000 only, then found out the 3d aspect of my card (Elsa Gladiac Ultra)was not supported, much to my dismay. I'm now running 98 & 2000, with the 3d drivers under 98, but I'm still having problems getting it to work (choppy screen). Unless you hear from someone who is actually using the software I would even be leery of stuff you read. The literature I read on the Gladiac said it was "fully supported under Windows 2000". Don't take me to be down on Win2000 though, so far other than what I mentioned I've been really happy with it.