win 2000 vs. XP


Sep 30, 2002
I am building another Athlon xp system and need to know which formatting tool is best to use. Maxtor 60 GB diamondmax Plus at 7200 rpm & ata 133. A few others have told me that The included formatting software from Maxtor is not fully compatable with windows XP. It may install, but XP has issues and crashes? Should I use the old win 98 boot disk method? This is how I have done it in the past. I have tried to load XP on other virgins but always end up formatting and then installing win 98 and then upgrading (full install) to XP. I have already downloaded the 5 floppies from microsquish and it never correctly reads disc 2?? I really need to get this formatting down, as it obviously has a huge effect. Also, would win 2000 be a better option?? Please advise as I was going to use Maxtor's new formatting software until I found out this XP conflict. Thank You in advance - Morgan