win 2k ok with new comp or formating only option?


Nov 25, 2001
Building my first pc later this week.

Only things comming out of my current one are a 27gig hdd (not sure of speed), cdrw and dvd-rom.

This currenty pc was bulit by a company in the UK called Time (by the way avoid them at all costs). So it's mainly for first time computer buyers (like I was).

It has a nortan ghost image on it which brings the space down from 27 gig to 24 gig. I do not have a cd to format my hdd, only a reload disk which loads the ghost image delteing everything else on the hard drive, which returns the hard drive it its factory settings.

The ghost has win 98. Currenty I have it on dual boot with win 2k pro.

How do i wipe my hdd completely including the nortan ghost image?

When starting my new pc for the first time with a completly formated hdd do i just have the disc for the operating system I want, in one of my primary cd drives?

The operating system I am going to use will be Windows XP pro. I have win 98 se, win me, win 2k pro and win xp pro so not short of operating systems.

The cpu in my new pc will be an althlon xp 1500. I heard that win xp can get the best out of it.

I use my pc mainly for first person shooters, surfing the web and making websites in a flash 5 like program (which seems to need better specs than flash 5 does).

Cheers for any suggestions.



Do you use W2K's NTFS? That might a problem, although WXP should handle it ok.

I don't know exactly how to install WXP (never did), but I hope it has a bootable CD-ROM. If so, boot from CD-ROM, it will ask to install WXP, then I hope that it will allow you to delete/rearrange/recombine partitions and format them to whatever File System you like just like WNT and W2K do. That should be pretty straight forward, especially if you already have experience with setting up dual boot W98SE/W2K.

Good luck

P.S. Don't take my suggestion as absolute, ask around, but I am pretty positive that it would be something similar to this.