Win 2k Server hardware RAID 0


Jun 30, 2004
I'm trying to install Win 2K server on my brand new RAID 0 array.

I'm running:
(2) identical 80 GB WD HDD's with 8MB cache
Adeptec Raid 1200A 2 Port ATA 100 PCI Card

I boot to my instillation CD, press F6, and install my adapter's drivers. I then create one partition and format it with NTFS. The instillation copies the files, the machine reboots and....
The screen goes black! The machine doesn't respond to any key strokes (including ctrl + alt + delete).
Any ideas?

more info:
Im running an asus A7V600. in the bios, i configured the bios to boot to "other boot devise SCSI/onboard ATA Boot Device".
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Some M/Bs CMOS setup require First Boot set as SCSI, with boot other device enabled, if your M/B has that feature, it would help to know what M/B you're running.

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Jun 23, 2004
When installing alternate HD controllers you not only have to "F6" to temporarily load the RAID driver during initial Win xx install from CD, BUT the driver code (floppy) must be available after first reboot, or the installation process cannot "find" the Win xx partition it's attempting to install. Pay close attention to every single screen prompt during the install process.