Win 2K startup configuration



Can anyone tell me how to setup the startup config in win2K like the way you can in win98se with system configuration??


Dec 31, 2007
You can either install a program that emulates MSCONFIG, or you can check these five Registry keys, and remove the items you don't want to run at startup:



In the same key - CurrentVersion\RunOnce
IN the same key - CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx

You'll see that Run, RunOnce, and RunOnceEx are all right beside each other.



Open all of these folders in order to find programs that run at startup. Generally, you'll find most of the programs in the second key. (CurrentVersion\Run)

Although it is 16bit, it is still easier to edit the Registry with regedit.exe in Win2K. To run this program, go to Start\Run ... type in "regedit" (without the quotes). Find the keys, and delete the offensive programs.

If you don't like working in the Registry, either because it makes you nervous, or because you are inexperienced, there are several programs out there that will allow you to control the StartUp folder. Go to <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> or <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>.

You'll find several utilities of this kind on both sites, both freeware and shareware.


P.S. You can also copy the MSCONFIG.EXE file from Win98, and drag it into the WINNT folder, or onto a floppy, CD, or Zip disk. Then you can go to Start\Run, type in msconfig, and launch the program. You'll see an error message, but keep clicking "OK", because the program WILL run. Then you can just edit the way you used to in Win98.

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