Question Win 7 booting from Samsung 750 Evo sata SSD in pure UEFI mode Class 3 but not from NVME

Mar 17, 2020
Hello everyone, Straight to the issue:

I have running windows 7 which includes Microsoft Stornvme KB2990941 and KB3087873 installed, driver working and windows running correctly.

  1. Win 7 boots from Samsung 750 Evo sata SSD in pure UEFI mode Class 3 CSM Disabled, Works correctly
  2. The Same Win 7 Cloned from the same Samsung 750 Evo sata SSD to NVME Drive which does not boot in pure UEFI mode Class 3 CSM Disabled but boot perfectly in CSM mode on (Legecy support on)
  3. Why it boots from Samsung sata SSD in pure UEFI but not from NVME in Pure UEFI mode
  4. It's booting in UEFI from Samsung Sata SSD in Pure UEFI that means my files and partitions are laid correctly.
  5. When CSM is disabled and booted from NVME then it gives

0xc000000d Error

Error reading boot data or something like that.

Why it's doing so, I want to boot from NVME, I tried every hack possible to install windows on NVME drive directly, Windows installs but when windows starts in Pure UEFI mode gives the same error but doesn't give error on CSM ON.

Kindly help I am trying every hack even inserted windows 7 files in windows 10 installation
Added Windows 7 wim and renamed to esd extenstion in windows 10 source folder when installing.
It stuck on Windows logo when installing.

Kindly help I am working with this issue from 3 months.