win 7 home premium to ultimate , what about the product key?


Sep 7, 2015
Hey guys, a friend of mine upgraded my windows 7 home premium 64 bit to ultimate. However, i am planning to upgrade my motherboard so I purchased a windows 7 home premium 64 bit disk to reinstall my windows ( my windows are OEM and that is why i have to reinstall).I have the product key but not the cd.What i want to ask is; Did the product key change with the upgrade to ultimate ? And if yes how can I know the new one?
Thanks in advance for reading and answering.
Yes, Ultimate will have a different product key than the one supplied with the Home Premium DVD.
This utility will find it from the Windows Registry:

I am assuming your friend installed the upgrade:

1) using a genuine product key that hasn't already been used on a different PC,

2) It's not a pirate copy and does not use a 'crack' to bypass product activation.