Win 7 not picking up extenal HDD on 2 comps.


Feb 23, 2012
I just got a external HD, 500GB, the 'WD My Passport'.

First thing I did was plug in into a cable box with all my recorded TV. I moved 100gigs about onto it, it said it was succesful. I brung it to my desktop, Win 7, and it downloaded driver, yada yada. It came up in disk partition, and device manager. But not under computer. Same with the laptop I'm using ATM. So on this laptop, I had to go into disk partitioner and 'erase' it all and then i formated it to NTFS, my other option to format it to was exFAT. No FAT or FAT32. I don't know if my desktop only has these options, but both are 64 bit Win 7... What I'm thinking is well the cable box told me it had to format the disc drive FIRST to move the videos onto the drive. So I did, and here we are. What I'm thinking is the format the cable box formated it to, is not supported. I don't know how and couldn't check the properties to find what format it was in. Would there be any 'plugins' for Win 7 to understand other HDD formats? Please help me errr. Thanks a lot guys. You're awesome. :)

Need any more info just ask. :p

Oh, and P.S. I went to WD forums people are having same issue, and I also tried downloading thedwnloads for my product. Didn't work. But the software DID pick up the HDD. Wouldn't let me do anything. Thanks so mcuh for helping guys!! :)