Question Win 7 on laptop showing a 'Error loading operating system' message on boot

Jul 1, 2021
So, to start from the beginning, I was watching a movie when my system crashed randomly and threw up a BSOD with the 0x0000007a error. It restarted but from that point on after booting, it just shows the mouse cursor on a black screen. No matter how long I waited or alt+ctrl+del, the desktop never appeared.

I booted into safe mode and tried to do a chkdsk and it gave a 'Can not open volume for direct access. Autochk cannot run due to an error....' (I do not remember the rest, sorry). I restarted again and this time held down the f8 key and chose the Repair Your Computer option. Once it loaded, I ran command prompt and ran the chkdsk function and it seemed to be working as it went through it's five stages of fixing the problem and found some orphan files and other errors.

However, at the end, it showed and I don't exactly remember what it is but it said something about insufficent space to store or log files and then a 'chkdsk aborted' message. I restarted the system again but this time I got an 'a disk read error has occurred' with the next line saying 'Press Ctrl Alt Del to restart'. No matter how many times I used the C+A+D combination, it refused to boot and kept showing the same read error.

Looking up the error online, I figured it was maybe because of a loose connection between the HDD and system so I powered it down, removed the battery and unplugged the HDD and blew air around the ports incase dust was the culprit. Put every thing back together and hit the power button but this time, I got hit with a new error message, 'Error loading operating system'. At this point , I was prepared to reinstall windows again but needed to back up data first. So I did what I've always done, Made a bootable usb using Hiren's bootCD so I could copy what I needed to my external drive. However, and here is the problem I need help with, my Primary Drive (C:/) which has my data is showing up as RAW type instead of NTFS. I can't open or fix it with chkdsk either.

Is there any way I can transfer atleast 13gb of irreplaceable files to my external HDD before I format the problem drive or any way to convert RAW to NTFS without losing any data?

I'm using Windows 7 on Acer 5750G