win 7 won't boot, no safe mode


Oct 23, 2016
please don't use tech talk since i'm fifteen and know barely anything about computers.

i downloaded a sketchy version of sony Vegas pro and i think that's what has messed my pc up.

baso when I try to start my pc, it says starting windows with the flag door logo thingy, then displays the message that happens when my pc is off and monitor is on (to tell me somit is going into standby mode)

start up repair can't auto fix this issue, and when I press f8 on boot, it doesn't look like the standard screen and gives me two options, a bunch of letters and numbers. help?!
Unless you have a system image you can restore from, your only option is to reinstall Windows. If the laptop was bought off-the-shelf, then there's usually a recovery process you can run when the computer boots. Check the manufacturer's website for this.

Perhaps use this as a lesson and don't install pirated software again?


Dec 29, 2015
If Startup Repair has failed, that means your Boot Manager is damaged beyond repair. This means that the only option is to re-install your OS.

As a rule of thumb, don't download pirated software. They are magnets for Malware, Ransomware, and other trojans. If you get those, you can infect every machine that's connected to the same network as yours. So don't do it, otherwise you're going to compromise everyone else's computers!

You really need to start backing up your data as well. Even if you try to avoid these things, it can (and likely will) happen again. I recommend a Snapshot tool like RollBack Rx or Comodo Time Machine since you don't seem tech literate enough to use a disk imager.