Win one today! Seagate BarraCuda Pro & IronWolf Pro 14TB capacity enables 4K gaming and your high capacity creative workflow.

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Feb 28, 2016
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Video gaming is bigger than ever — bigger than pro sports, bigger than movies, bigger than the music industry — and still growing. Nearly 400 million people watch eSports. eSports tournaments get larger audiences than some major pro sports championships like the World Series and NBA Finals. The 2024 Summer Olympics are considering including eSports because of the huge success of the League of Legends World Championship.

Is this because games are becoming more immersive with more stunning imagery and virtual worlds? Or is game quality and technology improving to meet the new demand? Probably both.

If you’re a gamer these days, you probably enjoy intricate social interactions and details in your multiplayer gaming, expect the dynamic graphics in a deeply engaging world to feel true to life, and appreciate complex worlds that seem unlimited. And you’re happiest when your PC or console is properly tricked out to destroy.

Bigger. Better. Faster. More. Players are always hungry for new exciting content. And game developers keep raising the bar on in-game experiences like never before — games keep growing bigger, richer and more beautiful. From 4K to HDR, downloadable content for games that operate as a service, VR, AR and MR, everything else that’s coming down the pipe — you can expect to see game sizes continue to rise. Just a few years ago games maxed out at 7GB each. Today games range anywhere from 400MB to 200GB, and that number’s growing.

Of course that all requires big technology advances. The right gear makes it easier to collect and enjoy all the stories, experiences, and universes you love in one place while making the overall gaming experience seamless.

Think of the possibilities: 4K, AR, VR, MR, HDR or beyond —

What do you want from your gaming next? What do you need in your new gear? How should game or gear developers meet your newest demands for amazing experiences?


When you’re a creative, there’s no separation between who you are as a person, and the work you do as a creative professional. You are your work, and your work is you. And today more than ever, you know managing and controlling an enormous amount of data — your work itself — is central to staying creative and productive.

Creative projects today generate massive amounts of data and creatives need to manage it all through the process from start to finish, Capture > Ingest > Edit > Deliver.

Capacity is important. For example, an URSA Mini Pro 4.6K camera generates over a Terabyte of data for every 20 minutes of video capture. And when you’re running on set doing movie production, you’ll shoot for 12 to 18 hours — how would you capture a whole day of video shooting? What’s your preferred solutions?

Speed is also incredibly important — Adobe Premiere will natively support Red 8K footage, so it’s crucial to be able to keep up with that high volume of data.

Whether you’re designing a new video game’s characters, generating and rendering complex worlds, capturing drone video for VR experiences, editing 4K video for a commercial client, or shooting and manipulating photos for magazines or wedding clients, the creative industry moves fast.

With the continuing revolution in data and its impact on how art and entertainment are created and consumed, what are your most pressing concerns as a Creative Professional today?

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Oct 30, 2017
CLICKBAIT...once again a competition for US RESIDENTS ONLY on a site.... What a load of bollocks :(


Sep 20, 2008
i need blistering fast storage, why not make a 2tb hard drive with 2 or more motors with all the advanced tech multiple heads per platter for blistering fast performance.

i want more high end graphics designed for the pc only and high end machines for MMO's and games that have high end system requirments


Feb 27, 2012
What I would love most from a leap in gaming is more portability. We've seen AR is truly a valuable and wanted platform. Using SSD tech that can handle jolts and jitters will be necessary to take gaming from the digital world to the real world.
Sep 10, 2018
I want density and utility out of my gaming gear, I want my gaming gear to be utilitarian with a focus on performance per given volume. I don't want big flashy LEDs, I wan't something small, powerful, and inconspicuous.


Jul 9, 2014
What do you want from your gaming next? More expansive areas/worlds to explore, including building interiors.
What do you need in your new gear? I definitely need more storage as games continue to increase in size.
How should game or gear developers meet your newest demands for amazing experiences? Much more efficient utilization of hardware resources/API optimization.


May 2, 2007
Simple: invisability. I don't want to have to own stock in power generation to be able to game with quality. small invisible platform with the guts do do its job without trying to be a night club.


Aug 14, 2017
[quotemsg=21308535,0,2795385]I'd love to have one of these. Could go down to a 2 bay NAS with this![/quotemsg]

That would be terrifying if one died. The panic of waiting for that rebuild.


Jan 20, 2017
The biggest thing I need is just more storage; between media and games getting larger and larger, things like a 14 TB drive don't sound as outrageous as they may have even 5 years ago.


May 3, 2012
"What do you want from your gaming next? What do you need in your new gear? How should game or gear developers meet your newest demands for amazing experiences?"

Ease of use! I definitely respect those who want to tinker and tweak, but as a casual builder I've appreciated the ever-increasing simplification of everything from building to overclocking and hope to see that trend continue. The less time I have to spend troubleshooting, the more time I have for gaming! A bit of elbow-grease is the price you pay for the power and flexibility of a PC over a console, but I like how apps like the GeForce experience take (some) of the guesswork out.


Dec 3, 2016
What do you want from your gaming next? Enough hard drive space for the most immersive and detailed textures ever, with the ability to flush them to the GPU without lagging, so I'm not stuck buying expensive ssd's. What do you need in your new gear? More and more and more storage and performance. How should game or gear developers meet your newest demands for amazing experiences? Keep doing what you are doing!
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