WIN xp gaming prob



ok i used to play fifa 11 and nfs undercover in win 7 at moderate specs and the games ran quite smoothly
but i recently went back to xp sp3 .I find both the games not running smoothly anymore. sometimes there is lag or sudden interruptions and flickering. I dont know whats the problem.
P.s. i played both these games in xp sp2 in the same pc half a year ago and it ran smoothly
pls help
RAM: 3 gb
HDD: 580 gb
PROCESSOR: intel dual core 2.6 GHz
OS: xp sp3( currently)
GRAPHICS: 1 gb ( intel gma X4500)


ya i have the same drivers installed which i previously had , the game ran ok back then . but now with the same settings the game is not running
pls help . :(
well obviously something has changed as nothing occurs on its own

try system restore to the last date you remember it working properly. Other than that I can suggest reinstalling the game and the drivers.

make sure your power options are on high performance and that graphics options are set to performance

beyond that it's a guessing game without knowing what has changed