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Question Win10 1903 breaks center speaker sound from soundbar

Nov 8, 2019
Hi all. So I have been having this really annoying issue recently, I'll try to describe it as best as I can here.

I have a setup where I connect my computer over HDMI to a TV to watch TV shows and movies. For sound, I have a soundbar with 7.1 speakers connected to the TV via the audio return channel (ARC) of the TV. This has been working great for me until Win10 1903 came out. Whenever I upgrade from 1809 to 1903 I lose sound in the center speaker and rear speakers of the soundbar, meaning I cannot hear dialogue whatsoever, but soundtrack and sound effects are coming through just fine (from the side speakers).

Under here I'll write all the different things I've tried to do to troubleshoot this issue.
If I rollback from 1903 to 1809 sound again works fine until I again upgrade to 1903.
I formatted and installed a clean Win10 1903 and also had the issue then, and now I can no longer do a rollback to 1809.
I have two laptops, one running 1809 and one running 1903, sound works fine with both of these.
I've tried uninstalling all audio drivers to force my system to use the standard Windows drivers, I still experience the issue.
I've tried to play different files using different software, I get the problem with all of them.
If I force VLC to play audio in 'Mono' I can again hear dialogue.
If I go Sound Control Panel -> Configure Speakers and hit the 'Test' button Windows plays sounds from all speakers. Here I cannot hear any sound when Windows is playing from the rear and center speaker, only when it's playing from the side speakers.
My BIOS and audio drivers are the newest available versions from Asus' website for my motherboard

My specs are
Win10 1903
Asus ROG STRIX Z370-E Gaming
Intel Core i5 8400

Hope someone out there can help, so far I haven't been able to figure anything out about this problem