Question Win10 comp not recognizing headphones - have checked other threads

Mar 23, 2019
I was listening through my headphones a couple hours ago just fine. I unplugged them when I tried to go to sleep. Couldn't sleep so I plugged them back in to listen to videos, and my computer played the audio through the speakers.

I ran the Win10 audio troubleshooter and it said the problem was fixed. It wasn't, and none of the guides I found on using the troubleshooter explained what to do if the computer played the test sounds through the wrong output.

I opened up the case and tried plugging in the headphones from there because it did feel like they weren't making a full connection. They clicked in properly and still didn't work.

I checked device manager and it only shows speakers for output. I checked the Realtek control panel and it only shows speakers for output. I reinstalled the driver and restarted, and it still didn't work.

The headphones work. I tried two pairs and also checked them on other devices. I'm beyond frustrated by this by now. -_-
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