[SOLVED] [Win10] Crash/freezing occuring during certain applications (League of Legends, Webex) but not others

May 29, 2020
For the past couple of months, I have been having issues with crashing/freezing with certain applications. I notice it most often with League of Legends, a game I played for many years until this issue started occuring. However, the crash sometimes occurs with other applications, such as Webex and BlueStacks. I started experiencing this issue after I built my new computer over the summer.

Description: In the middle of a game or Webex session, my screen suddenly freezes. The frame will periodically update every 10 seconds or so. At this time, I can see that my FPS is at 0 (reading the FPS counter within league of legends). For audio, the background music continues playing, but sound effects from abilities stop. If I am in a discord call, I can periodically hear them and they can sometimes hear me mid-crash (but only for a few seconds or so, then they cut out for me and we cant hear each other).

I can sometimes move my cursor, but if I move it too much then the cursor freezes for a few seconds. I can't alt tab or bring up task manager. Eventually, after 5 minutes or so, the screen turns black. At some point, I have to turn off my computer by holding the power button, and I just have to click it again to turn my computer back on. No error message shows up.

This issue does not occur when I play FPS games such as Apex Legends, COD:Warzone, and Valorant. After the crashes started with League, I started playing these games heavily for many hours with no issues. The only time I crash is when I hop back on League (or some other apps/games), and I crash every other game or so. And sometimes, I will reconnect, and crash a few minutes later in the same game.

AORUS B450I Pro wifi
AMD Ryzen 3600
Nvidia RTX 2060 Super
8GB RAM - Ballistix
250 GB SSD and 1 TB HD
650W PSU - Corsair

What I have tried so far:
Uninstalled Nvidia HD Audio driver
I tried other software fixes but was fed up and I ended up reinstalling windows and clearing all of my files. Then reinstalled the proper drivers for my GPU and CPU. The crashes still occured with League and Bluestacks (confirmed), so I believe it may be a hardware issue. Please let me know if you want to know software-related fixes, but I think a factory reset would have covered everything already.

Tests I have run for hardware:
3D Mark - Timespy
Windows Memory Diagnostic tool
Prime95 (I didnt really know how to use this, but I started the application and i left my CPU at 100% for a few minutes, but nothing bad happened)

Other attempts:
Unplugged my GPU from motherboard and its PSU cable, airdusted slot, and reinstalled
Unplugged and replugged 8GB stick of RAM
Did some cable management to improve air flow
Removed dust from case's vents and filters
Lastly, before I factory reset my computer, after rebooting from crashes, I would check the Reliability monitor, and LiveKernel141/144 errors would pop up. However, after factory-resetting, these errors no longer show up, and it only says "Windows was not properly shut down."

To me, the most confusing thing in all of this is, why do the crashes occur in applications that are not as resource-intensive, but never occur for the more resource-intensive games.

Lastly, earlier this week I gave my GPU to my brother and I reinstalled my old RX 480. It's been a few days and neither of us have crashed, despite me playing excessive amounts of League and him playing Terraria and running other applications.