Question Win10 : How to remove "Thin Provisioned space" and get my RAID 5 back?

May 2, 2020
Hey guys,

I've been struggling with this problem for months thinking that I know better or I would fix it, or it would fix itself.

I recently added some more RAM and a new CPU to my rig, and before this I had 3 HDD's in a raid 5 setup which was nice. However, after I added the RAM and new CPU I noticed that the storage space was significantly lower than it should be. (Each drive is 1TB) I have tried and tried and tried, I've looked at YouTube tutorials to no avail.

I've tried changing the drive size/capacity etc so now it says 2.50TB are usable but its still saying "Thin Provisioned space" and what's more in CCleaner it recognises those drives as a singular SSD?

I simply want my computer to recognize those 3 drives as a RAID 5 configuration again, do I have to do a fresh install of Windows 10 for this crap???

Sidenote : This is completely unrelated, but everytime I try to encode a video file from one file type to the other using programs such as XMedia recode or EncodeHD it crashes my PC.

So yeah any help would be appreciated, I HOPE - I HOPE IT IS AN EASILY FIXABLE SOFTWARE PROBLEM


Sounds like windows storage spaces is your 'controller' and in that case 'Thin Provisioning' is normal. it allows you to create an expandable volume or one that is larger then the space you actually have, in which case the system will ask you to add more when it starts to run out of room with the drives you have.

Assuming you have your raid data backed up or it's delete-able.
Wipe the raid and recreate it and reload the data if you have it.