Question Win10 Lock screen slideshow format

Sep 3, 2019
I made a neat little collection of 1440p 2560x1440 wallpapers (set to slideshow) in Windows 10 to showcase the components in my build. I put a lot of time into resizing all the images and what not.

Anyhow, when I was looking at the slideshow, there is a point where multiple "thumbnails" are shown. This irritates the hell out of me. I don't want thumbnails, I want everything to be a full screen 1440p image that looks nice and streamlined like a 1970s projector if you catch my drift. I don't want anything to appear on the lock screen as a thumbnail, ever. Only full screen.

#1 - Is it creating these thumbnails because some of my images might be improperly sized?

#2 - Is the correct resolution for a lock screen background the same as a desktop background?

#3 - Is there an option somewhere to get rid of these thumbnails? I searched the forum, didn't see it.

#4 - I heard through the grapevine that it's impossible to get rid of the lock screen date and time. If anybody knows how to do this, I would appreciate it. I was thinking of using a very convoluted computer jargon overloaded (BIOS or programming language lock screen image) for security purposes. To discourage anybody from accessing my machine.

#5 - Or making the dialog box for your pin hidden but functional?

#6 - Not a big fan of security measures such as sending them your face or giving them your phone number. Could there be a Windows 10 utility to give you better login security? Not sure what is standard these days Or improved privacy for that matter. Just any recommendations? Last thing I need is someone seeing something I was reading at 3am on a Sunday morning and decide that I'm beyond redemption.

Thank you. Just as a reminder I'm talking about the lock screen slideshow, not the desktop. Windows 10 1809 if I remember correctly.
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