Question Win10 Network download limitation

Sep 6, 2019
Hello world.

A lot of time ago, I had a problem in my computer about a limitation in my downloads of about 350 kb, but ONLY in my computer, every other devices werent having any issues, I tried to use the same ethernet wire than the working devices but still the same. Then I just make a full reset of everything in my computer and solved.

Actually, that problem has appeared AGAIN, and well, I dont have ANYTHING installed that isnt from Steam or Drivers for my hardware.
Basically, when it pass the 350 kb, its just drops into 350kb again, its like if my pc is trying to pass it, but something is blocking it, I dont have any strange programs running and my red status its like 1-10 %

Intel Core i7-8750H, CPU 2.20GHz 2.21 GHz
RAM: 16Gb (15,8 usable)
OS: win10 pro, latest version, 64 bit structure
Nvidia RTX 2070

Thanking you guys in advance for reading this and probably trying to help me.
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Look in Task Manager and Resource Monitor.

Learn what all is being launched at Startup (tab in Task Manager) and what resources are being used and to what extent in Resource Monitor.

Update your post to include fully system hardware specs and Windows 10 version.

Have you tried downloading, reinstalling, and reconfiguring the network adapter drivers via the manufacturer's web site?

Also you may be able to find some clue in the router's logs. Provided that the logs are available and enabled.

Make and model router? Who has full admin rights to the router. You may need help from that person.
Sep 6, 2019
I've seen and there isn't nothing strange launching in any moment and I dont know what is the network adapter drivers. I never had this problem in any other device so I have never seen that type of things. I'm very new on this world and I'm very lost. Anyways, today I am going to fully restart this computer again because its very hard to work with that limitation.