Question Win10 OS not found, turned into Disk Error & not showing in BIOS ?


Jun 3, 2015
Alright so I really messed up here. I have a desktop computer that was running great no problems.

I took out all the hard drives. Installed a new one and installed Windows 10 on it thinking I would eventually take the original harddrives ( that still have everything installed on them) and just put them in a new pc build.

Anyhow I needed to run the 'old' computer so I took out the new hardrive out and put the old ones back in just as they were before.

It couldn't find the OS! So I checked the boot order and even made sure it was correct in the BIOS. That didn't work, everything was set correctly.

So then I thought maybe the Master Boot Record was corrupted.

I used a Win10 USB drive loaded in repair mode entered CMD prompt mode.

I was able to run the following commands successfully:

bootrec /FixMBr

bootrec /FixBoot

I think I ran this too: bootrec /FixRebuildBcd

I restarted the computer and then it said: "Disk read error occured. Press CTRL + ALT + Del to restart"

Went back into the BIOS and now only one of the 3 harddrives even show!?

I have no idea what to do now. :(

The computer is a custom build 10 yrs old.

Motherboard - Sabertooth

THe OS drive was it's own separate SSD

There are two additional SATA drives I have partitioned

I've added some images from my BIOS menu here:
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