win2000 + exchange 2000 + p166 = insane?


Jun 21, 2001
I have a p166 with a couple of gigs hd space and 80 mb's of edo ram, and I have win2k advanced server on there running IIS and NAT, and I was wondering if anyone has put exchange 2000 on a similar setup. Essentially I dont want to destroy this machine, which as of right now is running flawlessly. The server would have oh I dunno, mebbe 10/15 average - low volume users on it with mebbe 2/3 power users... do you think this can be done? do you think I need my head examined? Im curious...

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I think exchange would kill it heheh, Im running win2k server and exchange 2000 enterprise on a athatlon 700 with 512mb of ram, on boot up its using about 270 megs in active ram.

I have a friend that does the same thing as you he has server running as a nat box and domain controller for his home lan, his is a little better though its a pent pro 200 with 128 megs of ram and a scsi drive hehe. It has been up for 5 months now. In fact it has no monitor and is just siting in the corner, if he needs access he can use terminal server to get to the box.