Win2000 Installation not possible?!?!



After Installation from WinMe on one Partition I like to install Win2000 on the other partition.
After start the CD of Win2000 in WinMe, the setup start to copy. The system reboot and is copy the driver (blue screen with the message line down). If he finished the copy Win2000 is checking the Hardware. Now I get a blue screen and the message similar like:
"If you seen this message first time, please restart your computer. If it's the second time check your HD for failure or check the HD for virus. Remove the last installed hardware."
The HD is completely new!!!

- AMD 1.2GHz
- RAM 133
- AGP Slot: Graficcard: AGP-V7700 Deluxe NVIDIA (incl. TV Tuner)
- Slot 5 LAN Card: 3com 10/100
- Slot 3: Soundcard: Creative Live Platinum 5.1
- IDE Prim Mast.: WD Platte ( 2 Partitionen) (20GB)
Part 1: Me
Part 2: Win2000
- IDE ATA 100 Prim Master: Maxtor (IDE ATA 100) 60GB:
three partitions!
- Prim Slave IDE: NEC DVD Player
- Sec. Master IDE: 120MB Floppy Drive
- Sec Slave IDE: TEAC CDW

Could it be the Motherboard, because the CPU is to fast????

Is somebody there who could help me?



Do these steps and you can do a dual boot....

1 install winME on the c: drive
2 put in the win2kpro cd
3 Copy the i386 directory from the CD to the D drive
4 copy smartdrv.exe from the winme partition(there is a reason).
4A Remove CD
5 Boot to a floppy (win98 boot disk works fine)
6 navigate to the D drive
7 run smartdrv.exe
8 change directory to the i386 directory
9 run winnt.exe, NOT winnt32.exe this is for installing under a 32 bit OS, winnt.exe is for use under dos
10 install win2k
11 Leave the i386 directory inplace on the d drive and win2k will never ask you for the cd again

Easy as pie. The smartdrv thing is just to speed up the first part of the win2k install, if you dont have it loaded win2k will give you an error, it will run but the inital file copy will take FOREVER.

Oh one more thing.... Run your ATA-100 drives as ATA-66 till you get the install done, then update the motherboard and controler drivers and then you shoudl be able to use ata-100, if not SP2 will be out soon and its supposed to have a fix in it.


Jan 18, 2001
Or even easier. Set your computer to boot off the CD. Put win2k pro cd in, boot off it, and install it anywhere. You can even install it on the same parition as winME, and it won't care :) However, I don't now recommand this type of installation though.


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