Win2000 Installation Problems



Hi -

Well, I did it this morning. I added Win2000 Professional to my computer. Thankfully I set it up to dual boot with Win98 or I wouldn't be writing this now. I used Partition Magic before i started the installation.
The installation seemed to go all-right, but i have run in to 2 serious problems. In order, here they are:

1. Modem troubles. In Win98, my modem is installed on Com2. In Win2000 - it's on Com1 (I think) but doesn't work. I think i switched it to Com2, but still no luck. I'm lost.

Inside Win2000 device manager, i have 2 "?". First, and my guess is that this is part of the problem, I need a driver for "PCI Simple Communications Controller". Win2000 looks on the HD and on the Win2000 CD, but no luck.

2. Network troubles. The network card appeared to install correctly, but I cannot see any other computers on the peer to peer network. The workgroup name is correct, but i can't see any other computers. Are workgroup names case sensitive?

For now it's back to using the Win98 and getting some work done. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Feb 15, 2001
I can't really help, but I too have ongoing modem probs with win 2000, and I've fixed them by installing a generic modem to my com2 port, as well as my actual modem.
Since this I get my actual modem connected at every boot up. Before, most often at a new boot I had to reinstall by blasted modem.


I can't help for the modem issue. Have you checked if the Modem is in the HCL ? Check for updated drivers from the supplier.

For the network problem, make sure the nodes are using the same protocol (TCP/IP or NETBEUI ). If you're using TCP/IP, make sure you're all on the same subnet. Try pinging the other ones. If the ping works, the problem is the subnet or workgroup name (not case sensitive).