win2000 server vs win2000pro


Jun 27, 2001
functionallity speaking, whats the differences. not every detail, but i mean, can you still get regular home windows use out of the server addition? LIke can it act like a client or is it just a server application program? i'm thinking of giving it a try for my network and web server, but also need regular everyday application use. trying to figure out if the jump is worth it....

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Feb 6, 2001
Yes, W2k Server can be used for regular everyday application use...
but it doesn't sound like you need it - and most probably don't want to go there... W2K Pro will do everything you need to do - Web, FTP, Sql, and almost all other Server Services...

W2k Server's primary advantage is "Centralized Management"!, and the Administration of network resources, users, and services from a simple place and one single machine(the Domain Controller).
Almost all individual Server Services can be run on Win 2000 Pro, but then it must be "Administered" on that specific machine!

Quick example using UserId's... Using a W2k Server, all Userid's are established on the Server - so ya can't log on to any machine on the network unless ya have a valid UserId created/administered on the server! Really nice if ya have a lot of boxes on a LARGE network and a LOT of users - ya don't have yo go out to the local client (or Peer-to-Peer) box and create the UserID, group, privledges and such...
"Centralized Management/Administration" is "ONE" of the primary advantages...
A Distribution of the workload is another..., plus a few more...

On a small LAN with just a couple users(Userids, resources and services) it's is not difficult, and is easier with W2k Pro by just logoning on and dooing what needs to be done on the W2k Pro P2P networked box...

One big disadvantage to runnin a server on a small LAN is that the server must be up and runnin to do anything on LAN clients...

Functionally speakin "Central Admin" is one of the differences your looking for, plus some more you don't even want to get into yet!. M$ DNA - Distributed Network Architecture ain't easy!!!

My advice - KISS - learn your Server Services on Peer-to-Peer W2k Pro first, then if ya want, or need, go to W2k Server...
W2k Pro can literally do everything ya need to do....


Oct 29, 2002
i had advances server on my computer a month ago and also pro

server was every bit as zippy as pro, ithad a million other settings

currently using XP pro but i wish i had 2kpro back on cause its faster


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