Win2k and Athlon Incompatibility



After reading all the great things on the site here about athlons I built a system and ran into a bit of a shocker. More info can be found at:

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Subject: Athlon and Win2k Incompatibility

Hi, I recently built a Athlon 1.1gig, Asus A7V, Asus Geforce 2 gts system and I was floored to discover that my 3dmark 2000 score under win2k is only about 2200 compared to over 7000 under windows ME. This is with the latest motherboard, video drivers, patches etc and the system is not overclocked or modified in any way and bios settings are conservative.

Apparently there is some sort of known incompatibility between AMD chips and win2k. I applied the registry patch they provided and even removed all the other cards from my system but I am still seeing hanging and extremely poor d3d performance.

Here is the information on this, I am extremely disappointed and would have considered a pentium 3 if I had known. Most people do not know anything about this I am hoping more exposure will pressure them to come up with a proper fix to this issue.


Greg Pringle


Dec 31, 2007
That is understandable, MS is developing whole set of software on Intel chips only, so I would expect that AMD chips will have a bug that was not found in the process of the software development as they have to match the software in the hardware (which should be in reverse), but at this point I am able to run W2k on my machine and play UT without any patches yet... hehe

K7 + KT7 + MX300 + VooDoo3000 = :smile:


Dec 31, 2007
blah, forgive me if I've ask you this question in another post (Friday night now and consuming adult beverages), but how did you get your system to run the mx300!! Thanks for your help.