Win2k - Attack of the Kernel


Dec 31, 2007
Something in the OS or an app is cauzing progressive slowdown when i try to do stuff, And its pissing me off bigtime!
Slowdown in the form of excessive Kernel usage/accessing chewing up CPU cycles whenever i do stuff.
On a fresh boot the system runs nice and clean (ususally), and games like Icewind dale 2 (IWD2) run smooth (my tester program). After a while 30 mins to 1 hour of use performance starts to get degraded.
Apps that access the system or drives take more and more cpu grunt, and IWD2 gets progressivly less playable and more jerky.
Eventually it gets to a point were IWD2 basically hangs the system its so slow, and back in windows even something simple like moving my mouse chews up a whopping 40% cpu usage, once again, all kernel usage in the CPU usage History of the taskmanager!!!

I have tried everything besides a complete reinstall. (Have done a reinstall over the top)The only other thing i can think of are my event viewer events. They dont look bad. but there are ALOT of them, all very similar. And they seem to correspond with the system getting slower (sortof).
Maybe you SMART people can help me by telling me WTF is going on???
(events taken from my first bootup this morning, chronological order)

total 37 events, all happening at 8:09am. My comments in brackets.
Source: Userenv
Event ID: 1000
User: NT Authority/System

Windows starting User Group policy processing.
Windows starting Computer Group policy processing.
This computer is not a member of a domain. Windows will apply local Group policy only (x2)
GPO Local Group Policy does not contain any policy info cauz the version number is 0. Windows will not apply it (User: Administrator)
Local GRP policy is disabled (User: Administrator)
Group policy objects to be applied: . (2x) (wow... it want to apply the fullstop as a policy LOL)
Windows did not apply extension Registry becauze there are no deleted or changed GPO's.
Windows did not apply extension folder redirection, and flags are 0x9002. (Same message was also given replacinging 'folder redirection' with: Microshaft disk quota (2x), Scripts, Security (2x), I.E. branding, EFS recovers, App Man, IP security and a few others)
Windows did not detect any changes to the list GPU's. Same revision numbers.

What the Hamster Poo does all this mean? Is it related to my problem? Is it the cauze or just a sideeffect? Heellllllllllp

Final Note: Although the system slow down is usually gradual, twice its been bogged down from the start, with IWD2 completely unplayable.

Other things that ive done that have had no effect.
OS reinstall over the top
SP3 reinstall
full driver reinstall
all possible offending apps ive reinstalled.
And before i detected the boggyness i hadnt changed ANYTHING! Something just went bad.

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Oct 11, 2001
just close all unneeded programs and processes, if it runs perfect, it is somthing you got loaded causing the problem, then you just got trial and error to find out what.

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Dec 31, 2007
nope. once it gets boggy it stays boggy
ive even closed everything i can think of down
then watch it get boggy
ive even tried terminating explorer then re-running it but no dice.
gotta be due to the GPO's or something

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May 17, 2001
<A HREF="" target="_new">this</A> may or may not help

I had the same problem but this was on a domain, one user suddenly for no aparant reason never got gpo's applied to it, and the errors in event viewer were (from memory) the same as yours, I ended up delete=ing the user and recreating it, worked fine after that (other users could log onto the 2k station no problems)

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