Win2K crashes, any useful ideas?



I've just built up a new computer using the Abit KT7A-Raid m/b running Win2k. I am exeriencing semi-random crashes (system just hangs, no message). It seems to be related to copying large amounts of data (makes me wonder about the Raid). For awhile I was able to make it happen by running the Windows disk defrag in analyze mode. Related symptoms include not always shutting down, and sometimes crashed during loading Windows.

Any ideas?

Here's my configuration:
ABit KT7A-Raid
AMD 100GHz Athlon
256M ram
2x30G IBM drives configured as Raid 1
ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon
Sound Blaster Live!
3Com Ehterlink XL 10/100
Pioneer DVD

I have installed Win2k SR1, the via 4in1 4.29v drivers, updated the Radeon drivers.


Mar 5, 2001
Ooo Via+ATI+Raid controller!! You are just beggin for pain!

Try not using Raid and see if you get a more stable system. IDE Raid is flat out buggy. There are several issues with ATI and Via and win2k (Too numerous to mention but do a search in the Video card section).

You might have to do a reinstall to get all this stuff working again. Try it in this order (If you want to actually do a reinstall)

1. Controller drivers
2. Via drivers
3. Windows updates (DirectX also if your going to update it)
4. Then your ATI drivers.

It could be any number of issues, try

Good luck!

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Dec 31, 2007
The SBLive drivers are known to cause crashes as well.

John Gatt from VIA has a thread going <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>.

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If you want to use raid and not use the controller, use the software raid that comes with Win2k, its free and works well, only supports RAID 1 and 0 though, server can do 5.

I use a software stripe set now and it works great.


Dec 31, 2007
Under device manager goto computer, change that to standard pc... then change ur sblive to i belive its slot three for most computers.

basically watch the irq's that is the majority of the headache for win2k

Everytime i use the acpi setting i get lock ups up the wazoo once u alter that to standard pc move ur hardware around so its not conflicting u will notice u get a more stable system.. also shutting down a heap of the services will greatly improve the stability of the system.

if u are getting this crackling problem i been seeing from so many sblive owners its usually due to the fact u have something on say the aux if u mute that u will have crystal clear sound

i had this problem with my win .t.v. running under the aux. and once i clicked the mute it went away.

hope this help out


There is actually a known problem with the VIA chipset and larger data transfer with W2K. You can read about it at and even download the hotfix!!

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