Win2k & games



Hi all

I'm using Win2k pro sp1
And running MS Flight simulator 2000 pro on it.
It look that it’s running ok but I get like a "glitches"
Of frame rate drops!
The frame rates are usually at 15-30
But every a few sec it drops to 0-1...!
This happens only on Win2k!
Win98se/ME runs great!
I have all the latest driver and patches.
any thoughts and ideas.. :)

This is my machine:
P3 800EB
Asus CUSL2 815i
Geforce 256
384 ram
18gb scsi disk
56k moem


I sometimes get strange errors playing Half-Life in Windows 2000. Of course I'm also using a Voodoo II card using 3dfx beta drivers, so I guess I should expect it. I ordered a 128mb PC-133 RAM, so I'll have 192mb total in a few days.

I would think that MS Flight Simulator would work well under 2000 considering it is from MS? Oh well, I would just continue playing under Win 9x until Whistler comes out.

AMD Duron 600
64mb RAM
3.2 GB disk
Matrox Mystique 220 PCI
Voodoo II PCI
Linksys 10Base-T PCI
768/128k ADSL