Win2K minimum "practical" requirements



What is in your opinion the minimum "practical" system requirements to install Win2K, CPU, HD, & RAM
I have a variety of systems and am trying to figure out if it would be wise to purchase Win2K professional
Thanks for your input. Bert


Dec 31, 2007
That really depends on that you're doing with those machines.
I have a P233MMX with 64MB just for burning CD's, running perfectly smooth.
For usual operation I recommend atleast 64MB 300Mhz, but if you like it smooth, 128MB or more will be better.
My own box runs absolutely perfectly smooth with an Athlon 550 classic and 256MB PC100.
If you're planning to use a machine for an Exchange server you better get a dual system with an absolute minimum of 512MB.
If you're going to use an old machine as a proxy/firewall, I guess 32MB, 166Mhz will do, depending on the proxy software you're going to use.
Using anti-virus software on low RAM, slow CPU systems will totally devestate the performance, so stay away from it if you don't really need it.


Dec 31, 2007
I've got win2k running on a PII233@300 on an BX chipset (64MB PC100), a Celeron 466@530 on a 810 chipset (128MB PC100@75), a duron 600 on a KT133 chipset (64MB PC133) and finally a Old Athlon 550 on a AMD750 chipset (128MB PC100). The thing that makes the biggest difference in performance is the ammount of RAM. 64MB is really not enough but I would still rather run win2K instead of 98 even is it is a little slow.