Win2k - Recovery of Data - Help!


Aug 4, 2003
Heyas all,

Ok, here's what happened. My wife's computer had Win2k Pro installed on it, while my gaming rig has WinXP Home. I was having some mobo problems, and used her computer to format and reinstall my gaming HD. So, I was running Win2k, installing WinXP on a seperate drive. Looking back, that probably wasn't too bright :p

Anyways, it fubar'd her Win2k installation - "ntldr is missing" etc. I tried repairing the installation, no luck. So, I reinstalled Win2k on her rig, hoping that data wouldn't be lost.

Such is my luck, it's all gone. I talked to a buddy of mine who says that the information is probably still there, just not accessible since the FAT was rewritten (NTFS drive of course).

So, what I'm looking for is a recovery program that can (hopefully) find the information. Preferably something free, but if there's nothing out there that is shareware/freeware that will do this, recommendations for a commercial program are welcome. $40 is sounding like a pretty good deal, judging from the wife's reaction at losing her puzzle-games savegames :p

Cheers, and TIA


Try the trailware version of GetDataBack and see if it finds your files... if that program doesn't find it I think it is as good as lost.

You can download it here: <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

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