Win2K Server - Boot Loader?



I have Win2k and Linux on separate partitions. Was running Win2k Pro at first and it all worked great. Bought and installed Partition Magic which enabled me to boot to either Win2k or Linux no problems, using Boot Magic program installed onto a 3rd Fat32 partition. So I have 3 primary partitions on a single 30GB harddrive: 1 NTFS, 1 Linux, 1 FAT32.

I recently upgraded Win2k Pro to WIn2k Server. Boot Magic will no longer run because of something to do with the Server edition, so I can only boot to Win2k Server and I've lost the ability to boot to Linux.

Does anyone know of any other good boot manager software that will work with Win2k Server and Linux??

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Hey Calibis -

interesting approach (2000 server & linux) you got, WHY would you want to dual boot a server? :tongue:

Your best bet for this is to manually configure the NT boot loader because 2000 WILL have to own the MBR (master boot) so you can't use LILO (linux) boot loader. This is not a difficult task but it is involved so you need accurate documentation so either go to Barnes and Noble and look through some 2000 books till you find it or search Yahoo "dual boot windows 2000 server linux" etc. tons of stuff. assuming you're using Red Hat 7.0 you:

When you install linux, install LILO on the root install partition instead & make a boot disk when prompted.

Then, when Linux is done installing, boot it from the disk.
Mount a new msdos floppy and type:
dd if=/dev/hdXY bs=512 count=1 of=/mnt/floppy/linux.bin

(X=a,b,c,d, etc - your hard disk designator; Y = partition number; ie - hda5 is primary master, partition 5)

This copies the MBR to the floppy.
Unmount the disk and load windows. Copy the linux.bin file from the disk you just used to the root of your c drive. Edit c:\boot.ini and add an entry at the end that looks something like this: c:\linux.bin="RedHat 7" or whatever you wanna call it. The Win2000 bootloader will now launch lilo when you choose RedHat from the menu.

Later Jim

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