Win2k Sound difficulties


Dec 31, 2007
I am running Win2k with a Monster MX300 sound card and am having problems getting the sound to work with games and when playing video clips. The sound works perfectly with windows sounds but tends to lock up while initializing games and video clips.

I have tried updating drivers and windows update with no luck, anybody out there having a similar problem? If so, any solutions would be very helpful.


I had a Monster Sound MX300 in my system for a year and a half, then I upgraded to Windows 2000. Nothing but trouble. I'm just telling you that you're not alone..

At first, I was using a hacked set of drivers from Vortex of Sound:

They worked just fine on my Abit BE6 motherboard with a P3-500. But when I upgraded to an Abit KT7-RAID with an Athlon Gigahertz, then everything in the audio department went to hell.

I tried the hacked drivers (because I like the Aureal 10-band equalizer!). They played for about 10 seconds, or until I decided to do something with my computer -- like move the mouse..

Then, I backed down and tried Win2000's Aureal drivers. Same thing. No audio after 10 or so seconds..

I did some research and found that the KT7-RAID uses ACPI, and the BE6 didn't. (Well, the BE6 supports it, but apparently not in the same way as the KT7-RAID.) Anyway, the MX300 didn't like the fact that ACPI put seven of my devices on IRQ 11. Because the KT7-RAID will not let me disable ACPI, I couldn't change the IRQ on the MX300.

Therefore, no sound. I need sound! :) Therefore, no MX300. I decided to back down again and stoop so low as to get a Sound Blaster Live.

My computer makes sound now, but I don't have a 10-band equalizer. That's the only thing I miss..



Dec 31, 2007
I had the same problem...went from intel-bx to amd-via. And from apm to acpi. I changed win2k from acpi to apm, thus using different irq's which seemed to help a little but didn't cure the problem. So I trashed the mx300 and am using the onboard ac97 audio with no problems.