Win2k start up problem!


Sep 26, 2001
Greetings everyone!
I'm new to Windows 2000 OS. I installed Win2k Pro last night (PIII-700, 224MB RAM, Voodoo3-3500 TV, Quantum Fireball 6.4GB, mobo...sth with VIA chipset). Everything went ok with the installation (although i find it kinda slow).
When i start up the PC it looks like it's loading normally, but just before the desktop, it shows this blue screen (with an error message) really quick and then restarts suddently, it performs a chkdsk operation just before the desktop appears (my hd is in FAT32 format) and loads Win2k Pro just fine!!!????!!!!No problems afterwards!!!

Now, this doesn't happen when i restart the machine...Win2k loads just fine!

To be honest i could live with this, but what really troubles me is when i try to install a second hard drive-slave- (tried 2 Quantum drives) the O.S. doesn't load at all, it reaches to that blue screen with an error about HD asking to perform a CHKDSK /F operation and freezes. Sometimes-with 2 hd-the display is kinda weird (narrow display even in BIOS operations. When running with one hd i have this second boot always (except when restarting).

I've seen a lot of weird stuff while working with Win98 but nothing like this, does any one of you have any clue about this? I would really appreciate any help on this.


Apr 10, 2001
You can check Event Viewer for errors. (Control Panel > Administrative Tools)

Also, uncheck "Automatically Reboot" so your computer will show the blue screen, to give you enough time to view the error.

(System Properties > Advanced tab > Startup and Recovery)

Once you get the error written down, search it up at the <A HREF="" target="_new">Microsoft Help and Support</A> site, or at <A HREF="" target="_new">Google</A>, ending the search string with <i></i>. That way, the search will only look within that site.


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