Win2k vs. WinXP matters with certain games?


Jul 20, 2001
My system:
3ghz P4, Asus P4C800-E Deluxe (478 chipset)
2gig Corsair TwinX ram pc3200
MSI Geforce 6800ultra (latest reference drivers)
Apple Cinema Display 23" (I only run at 1920x1200, native)
Windows 2000

Typically, my framerate averages for the following games (for non-crowded situations:
WoW = 40-45 depending on the crowded area
CS: Source 50-60
DoD: Source 25-40

I had some people telling me that they have similiar hardware as me, and they are getting 60+ framerates, and that I should be getting such framerates as well.

However, I also understand that a rare number of people would run their games (or have the ability to) such high resolution like 1920x1200. That being said, I tried running DoD: Source at 800x600 and 1024x768 and I get 25-40 framerates, still...

Some people are telling me that the shortness in perfrmance is due the my computer running on Win2k, and not WinXP. Something to do with WinXP being Directx native or something like that while Win2k is not, I am unsure. Is that really the case? I could use some explanation. Thanks.


Mar 17, 2006
There shouldn’t be a hit due to you using win2k.

Since the change in resolution does not give you more FPSs the problem could be some where else.

Chipset drivers, defrag HDD, lot of programs running in the background (unlikely with your 2GB), could be even 1 small program that’s eating your resources. Have you tried checking in task manager.

Try the following: Back up your data and reinstall windows formatting the system drive (gets out all the old garbage nice and easy). Install latest service pack and latest drivers for chipset, GC etc.

Install game and try refresh rates again.