Win2k + win98 network requires l/p, never set



ok, when going over netowork to other computers i am able to acces my one on win98 fine. i get in and do what i need. when going to the win2k computers, it prompts me for a l/p. i tried (i have 2 win2k ones) the admin l/p for both pc's, the one i'm on and the one im trying to access..... How do i set the l/p on these, if in fact it does not have one already setup.


Dec 31, 2007
I think this might be the reason but I'm not sure. I believe you have to manually share the hard drives on the win2k boxes. You might also check out the "Users and Passwords" section located in the control panel. By default win2k is not going to let other computers "look around" without permission. I think you have to have all the computers set up to be in the same workgroup also. My experience in networking is limited, but I hope this helps.

Win2k has better security than win98 and I think that this is the root of your problem.