Win64 definitely NOT good for gaming!

While this isn't about graphics cards persay, like the article says, this may have something to do with the associated graphics drivers drivers, and since they are using an nV card to bench I wouldn't be surprised (run-time compiler would be just one example I can think of that may have Win64 issues).

Look at the results, and understand that for now Win64 isn't the way to go for gamers. This may also be something to look for if people ask us in the future, why did my scores go down?

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SpeedUK, I guess sticking to WinXP is a good idea.

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Feb 20, 2003
Yep winxp is more than fast enough for now. I think 64 bit windows will be the way to go though in anout 9-12 months time.

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Feb 18, 2003
Maybe motherboard driver need an update too. :wink:

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Jan 13, 2003
Thanks for linking that for us.....I've gotta go beat somebody over the head with it....bye:)

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Sep 16, 2003
It is far too early to reach any conclusions in this area...we have to believe the drivers play a big part in this disappointing gaming performance...As we have already said, it is too early to draw conclusions... drivers are what make the difference in games...

I know it's selective quoting, but it is, after all, too early to draw any conclusions.

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Jun 26, 2002
I think immature drivers are guilty for such low performance.

Even if Windows 64 bit finally sucks in gaming, then you can still dual boot with Windows 32 bit and use 32 bit only for older games.

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Oh definitely. I'm sure that it's the imatturity of something (perhaps me for caring before I have a 64 bit proc. :wink: ).

And likely, YES, when I finally do have my socket 939 solution I will likely dual if not triple boot (64-bit linux).

What would be interesting is if there are serious issue with running these 32bit apps with the new OS that CANNOT be fixed. That would throw a HUGE wrench into the gaming scenario. I will move none the less, regardless of gaming perfromance, but I will benchmark using WinXP should I have to prove my madhater skillz. I can guarantee that if it's not fixable that we will se a TON of posts from people saying, 'why do I get these bungholios, when everyone else with the same rigs gets X # of bungholios!'
Well at least we can prepare for it. And when the time comes I will run a benchmark of the two myself just to try and head off those questions or in order to give people an easy place to point them instead of explaining it over and over each time.

Still I'm amped, I really can't wait for the 939s and the R423/NV40! All are serious jumps over my 'old' rig.

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