WIN98 - Recycle Bin Shows Full, But Empty


Jul 31, 2010

OK - I know the obvious answers.

The recycle bin icon on my desktop shows that it is full. When I open it, it is empty.

* If I "right click" the recycle bin icon, click "delete files", it asks if I want to delete 302 files.

* If I run maintenance wizard, it shows I have about 38 MBs in my recycle bin.

I have tried to "explore" the recycle bin, and have set controls to show "hidden files". This does not work.

Even though it is empty, there ARE files in there. I have noticed that a folder of jpegs is now empty. This happened to me a few years back...I "right clicked" the recycle bin (even though it was empty) and deleted about a thousand files. Turns out, it deleted half of my MP3s.

SO...there ARE files in the recycle bin. How do I find them???
Maybe they are in a temp, system, etc folder???

PLEASE HELP! Don't want to delete any more of my files.

Thank you for your help.