Sep 29, 2021
I been having issues with my pc for a week now. I been getting memory management windows crashes lately. I have around 1TB hhd and 500gb ssd as well as 16 gb ram yet I get memory management crash. Sometimes, I also get crashes like kernel security crash, video memory management internal crash, IRQL not less or equal, Store data structure corruption, critical process died, page fault in a non paged area, and faulty hardware corrupted page. I tried all that I can think of and what yt shows - at least what I have found so far has not worked. The crashes usually go after after a restoration to a previous point or using safe mode. My computer usually crashes when I play a game or do something that takes up memory. Ex. when I am on fortnite afk, windows doesn't crash but once I hit play and get into the game, it crashes right away. It also doesn't crash when I am just using net to surf the web with edge but once few things opened with along microsoft edge, it crashes. It usually says memory management. So far, I have updated my drives via driver easy, also tried anti virus protection, ccleaner, computer reset, installing windows 10 from a usb, windows diagonstics, sfc /scannow, dism cleanup image restorehealth, changing rams, and memtest86. I truly have no knowledge of what to do anymore other than getting a new pc. Can someone help me fix this issue? Thank You in advance.
Run chkdsk c: /f and then sfc /scannow.

Download and run the mfg. drive tools to check the health of all your drives.

Does it crash in a 30 min Prime95 stress test? (blended test with AVX off/unchecked)

Download and create a Memtest86 bootable USB. Do you get any memory errors when you boot from a Memtest86 USB drive?

Download and run Unigine Valley benchmark (looping). Does it crash?

What is your pagefile set to?