Question Window Air Conditioner Spitting Water - Can it harm my computer?

Dec 11, 2019
I recently bought a Danby Window Air Conditioner and it is sitting in a Square Window I have noticed it was spitting water just today not a whole lot on Speed 6 or above.

I recently cut up 2 Pizza boxes that I had left over downstairs to put underneath to try raise the front of it to drain towards the back of it but however I still notice a very light spitting when sitting on my couch.

I was wondering if this spitting can harm my computer at all??

I have no idea where I could get something better to raise the front of it more of something of a Canadian store

Here are two pictures

1) Where my Air Conditioner is of the green sheet on the window - View:

2) Picture from where my computer is to how far away the Air Conditioner is - View:

Please note the couch with the green bed sheet on it I sit in the middle of that couch and i could feel it spitting very light spits.

Now my Question is - Can the Air Conditioner spitting water even light spits harm my Custom Built Computer (Details in Signature) in anyway?

And How could I raise the front of it more if so ?? I need Canadian named stores I could get stuff from.
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Dec 11, 2019
It the water droplets could reach the top vent of the PC case it could damage the PC.
Tilt the AC, so water exits thru the back and does not accumulate and get spitted into the room by the fan blades.
I have tilted it back as much as I can in the above pictures it's hard to in square window that's why I thought of cutting up pizza boxes to put underneath the front of it to tilt it up more.

Even if there is a filter on the top vent it could harm it ??

Of this - View:
I don't think water will find its way down to the PC components, unless there is a lot of droplets landing on the case vent.
Does the AC unit happen to have a hole at the bottom, so water could drip outside?
I had a similar issue with an AC unit many years ago, and I drilled a little hole at the bottom of the unit with a 1/4" diameter drill bit.
The water would not longer accumulate causing it to be spitted into the room.
Just be careful not to drill anywhere near the working innards.